Horace Mann School

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Title I Program

Horace Mann School


Title I Program




Targeted-Assistance School


In contrast to a schoolwide Title I program, Horace Mann is a targeted-assistance school. Title I funds are used in the following ways:  


*To provide services to eligible children identified by the school as failing or most at risk of failing to meet the common core standards


*To supplement services that would be provided by nonfederal sources in the absence of Title I funds


*To support instructional strategies that are proven to be effective and strengthen the core curriculum



Record keeping is mandated to ensure that Title I funds are spent on Title I eligible students and resources.   Additionally, the LEA/, Local Education, Agency, is required to select two measures to use for identification of students to determine eligibility of students in fourth through eighth grade . For 2016-2017,CAASPP, and the STAR 360 assessments will be used to identify students in need of academic intervention.  Students in fourth through eighth grade who score a level 1, Standard Not Met, on the CAASPP, and STAR 360 are eligible to receive Title I support.   Teachers in Kindergarten through third grade recommend students for Title I academic assistance. Teachers in Kindergarten through third grade use the STAR 360 and other classroom assessments to support their recommendation.


There must be on-going progress monitoring to track students’ progress, and provide opportunities for students to exit the program at any point during the school year.   To this end, all students will be given the STAR 360 assessment at each reporting period to ensure that students receiving Title I support have the opportunity to exit the program if he/she has demonstrated proficiency in the designated subject area.   This also ensures that new students have the opportunity to receive Title I support if he/she is no longer achieving grade level standards.   At the end of each school year, all students are exited from the program as eligibility must be determined at the beginning of every school year.





STAR 360 Assessment Schedule:


Initial Screening

August 15-September 9

Progress Monitoring 1

September 19-September 27

Progress Monitoring 2

October 5-November 1

Progress Monitoring 3

November 21-November 29

Progress Monitoring 4

January 2-January 20

Progress Monitoring 5

January 30-February 7

Progress Monitoring 6

February 27-March 7

Progress Monitoring 7

March 27-April 4

Progress Monitoring 8

April 24-May 22



Parental Involvement


Parental involvement policies and parent education opportunities are required components of the Title I program. Parents must accept/decline Title I support offered by the school in writing. Parents have the right to request information regarding the qualifications of the teachers and instructional assistants working with their child. Additionally, we require a signed home-school compact, which is jointly developed with parents.


Parents will receive notification of their child’s progress through the STAR 360 Parent Report.


Title I Services


Title I support must be supplemental, and not supplant core instruction.   For example, a student who receives ELA support cannot leave the class during ELA instruction for remediation with a Title I teacher.   The alternative is to have push-in support provided by a Title I funded employee during the instructional time, or have pull-out support during a non-core instructional time including after-school assistance where the student receives remediation in the designated subject area.


Title I Staff


Credentialed Staff-


Jill Bakhsh- Title I Coordinator

Elaine Cantella- K-1 and 4th-5th ELA Teacher

Afi Delijani- 2nd-3rd ELA/Math Teacher

David Hewitt- 4th-8th Math Teacher

Laura Stark-6th-8th ELA Teacher

Sandi Mason- 6th ELA Extended Day Class


Classified Staff-


Jennifer Boissavy- Kindergarten Instructional Assistant

Rebecca Campbell-First Grade Instructional Assistant

Erika Warlick-First Grade Instructional Assistant

Katie Codney- Second/Third Grade Instructional Assistant/Middle School Support



Title I Curriculum/Products




Pearson SuccessMaker- a K-8 computer adaptive program for ELA/math



Math Facts in a Flash – Renaissance program



Lexia – an adaptive reading program for students at all grade levels



Math 180- a 5-8 math program (computer and teacher directed)



It’s important to note that these products/programs follow Title I funding, so if Horace Mann does not qualify for targeted-assistance Title I funding next school year, the products/programs will not be available for Horace Mann students.


If you have any questions about the Title I program at Horace Mann, please contact Jill Bakhsh at jbakhsh@bhusd.org . .

Title I Meetings
Summer School- June 12th-June 30th at Hawthorne
May 18th 4:15 p.m.-5:00 p.m. End of Year Title I Parent Meeting
April 26th- K-1 Family Reading Workshop with Ms. Goldstein
8:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m. in Ms. Goldstein's room
March 29th- Mindfulness Parent Workshop
March 2nd- K-1 Math Night
Title I Room
January 26 K-3 Math Night
Kindergarten:  2:10-2:40
First Grade:  2:45-3:30
Second-Third Grade: 3:45-4:45
Multipurpose Room-Parents and Students Invited
 December 8th Math Night- 4th and 5th Grade Parents and Students
5:00-6:15 p.m.- Multipurpose Room
October 26th- STAR 360 Parent Training
4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Horace Mann Multipurpose Room
September 7th 
5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.
Horace Mann Multipurpose Room