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Technology Drive




Horace Mann is excited that the new and improved Horace Mann will be open for learning next year. The new building will have some of the latest technology incorporated into the structure and Horace Mann is well positioned to truly become a school for 21st Century learning. What this means is that technology will not merely be taught in a specialized computer lab, but rather incorporated throughout the entire educational spectrum. 21st Century learning will use technology to teach Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity – the skills critical to success in the 21st Century.


Horace Mann is asking you to contribute $100 (or any other amount you are willing to contribute) so that your child’s teacher will have the necessary technology at his or her disposal at the start of next year to better teach your child. The money you contribute will be used to purchase Chrome Books, iPads, or other similar technology devices to be put into YOUR child’s teacher’s hands so that your child’s teacher can begin incorporating technology and implementing lesson plans to insure that your child receives the very best education.


Please contribute now, as well as see videos and testimonials made by Horace Mann teachers and students showcasing the tremendous need and desire to implement new technology into everyday teaching and learning, by clicking HERE.