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This will be my fourth year at Horace Mann. Prior to working with middle school students, I taught English as a second language to adults in the U.S. and Spain, and worked as a substitute teacher. I earned my teaching credential from Cal State Fullerton, and my bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley, where I studied Philosophy and Spanish. As a heritage speaker, I value the Spanish language on a personal level, and also view it as a practical skill.

In Spanish 1 and 2, students are expected to develop a basic level of proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Students will also develop some cultural knowledge of Spanish-speaking countries. Just a few examples of our many learning objectives are:

• Describe yourself and others
• Talk about going to school
• Talk about people´s activities
• Talk about your family and home
• Discuss past actions and events
• Compare eating habits in the U.S. and the Spanish-speaking world

During class time, students will take part in classroom activities such as reading, writing, drills, and structured speaking exercises. Students will also participate in skits and communicative activities, TPR, games, and the use of technology for learning, study and assessment. With successful completion of Spanish 1 and 2, students will have satisfied one year of the high school world language requirement, and positioned themselves to take advanced Spanish courses in the future.