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BHUSD Student Responsibility Contract

As a student in the Beverly Hills Unified School District, I understand that I must meet certain responsibilities and obligations, including, but not limited to the following:
  1. To remain on campus at all times during the school day and attend all of my classes except for legally excused reasons (illness, medical appointments, bereavement or quarantine). I will leave a classroom only with teacher permission and an authorized hall pass. If I must leave campus during the school day, an authorized adult through the school office will sign me out. I will sign in through the school office upon my return or if, for any reason, I am late to school. Following an absence, I will present a signed absence slip to my homeroom teacher.
  2. To arrive on time for all classes. Tardiness impacts student performance. Detention will be assigned to Middle School students for tardiness. Repeated detention assignments, or failure to serve detention in a timely manner, may result in additional disciplinary consequences, including suspension from school.
  3. To follow all school rules and policies at all times, and to follow the verbal directions of all teachers, administrators, and other staff members.
  4. To behave honestly and ethically at all times. I will not knowingly provide false information to any teacher, administrator, or other staff member. I understand that violating the District Cheating Policy will result in disciplinary consequences. Cheating can include either giving or receiving aid.
  5. To refrain from leaving trash on the classroom floor or in the halls or cafeteria. I understand that eating is not permitted outside the cafeteria or other designated areas. I understand that if I violate these rules, I may be assigned school service duty.
  6. To refrain from chewing gum on school grounds. I understand that I may receive detention and/or school service if I am caught chewing gum any time on campus.
  7. To refrain from wearing attire which bears inappropriate logos or detracts from the academic environment of the school or affects the safety of the individual (hats/caps, sagging pants, hanging belts, short shorts or skirts, low cut necklines, halter tops, spaghetti straps, blouses or pants that expose the stomach or undergarments, etc.). I understand that wearing inappropriate clothing to school may result in my being required to change to more suitable attire. Make-up of any kind is NOT permitted.
  8. To follow the District's Acceptable Use Policy on student access to networked information resources. I understand that access will be granted me only if I submit and comply with the permission and agreement forms signed by me and my parents. I agree to act in a considerate and responsible manner while conducting research and communicating with others as related to school assignments. I will abide by the rules of every network that I access. I understand that if I don't follow the rules associated with the use of telecommunications and electronic information resources, the appropriate disciplinary consequences, including loss of access to the school's and district's electronic information resources, as well as suspension from school, may be enforced upon my violation of said rules.
  9. To refrain from using cellular phones or other electronic devices on campus during the school day. Cell phones may be used ONLY before and after school. During the school day, cell phones are to be turned off and kept out of sight. I understand that I bring my cell phone or other electronic devices to school at my own risk and that the school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  10. To refrain from bringing cameras, video cameras, or other recording devices - including picture or video cell phones - to campus without prior written permission from a school administrator.
  11. To refrain from riding a bicycle, skateboard, or rollerblades on campus. I am aware that Beverly Hills Unified School District Board Policy 5030 requires students who ride bicycles to school to wear safety helmets. Students not wearing helmets may forfeit permission to park bicycles on the school grounds. Students are responsible for securing bikes and helmets. I understand that scooters and skateboards are never allowed on campus.
  12. To refrain from defacing property with graffiti or other acts which damage school property. I understand that the penalty for such damage will be suspension from school, notification of the Beverly Hills Police Department, a parent conference, my responsibility for reimbursement of the costs of repairing the damage, and, in serious cases, initiation of expulsion procedures.
  13. To refrain from unauthorized possession of school/personal property such as keys, examinations, equipment or personal effects. Unauthorized possession may result in my suspension and/or expulsion.
  14. To refrain from the unlawful use, possession of sale of drugs or alcohol on or off school grounds, when involved in any school related activity, or when on the way to or from home/school. I understand that violation of the District drug/alcohol policy will result in my suspension from school, notification of the Beverly Hills Police Department, a parent conference, and initiation of expulsion procedures. I understand that return to school is contingent upon enrollment in an approved drug education/counseling program.
  15. To refrain from fighting or from inciting others to fight. I agree to seek counsel with an appropriate adult when I am involved in disagreements that could lead to fighting. I understand that the penalty for violating this section may result in suspension from school.
  16. To refrain from bringing any type of weapon (includes any type of pocket knife or sharp object) to school. I understand that the penalty for violating this section is my suspension from school and initiation of expulsion procedures.
  17. To refrain from any type of bullying and/or hazing activities that would be likely to cause bodily danger, physical harm, or personal degradation or disgrace to another student. This can be electronically or in person. I understand that any student found bullying and/or hazing will be subject to suspension and/or expulsion and may be referred to the Beverly Hills Police Department.
  18. To respect the dignity and rights of every student and adult. I will refrain from making racial slurs or using vulgar, obscene or insulting language. I understand that violation of the District Sexual Harassment Policy will result in disciplinary action. This policy prohibits verbal, written, or physical sexual harassment. I understand I am responsible for conducting myself responsibly with regard to the rights and safety of others and the importance of mutual respect and understanding.
  19. To refrain from any behavior which disrupts school activities. I understand that actions such as inappropriate classroom conduct, profanity, lack of respect for classmates and adults, the unauthorized selling of any items on campus, the possession of matches, tobacco, poppers, or fireworks are unacceptable behaviors and may result in suspension and/or expulsion.