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AR Book Finder Parents, help your child find a book that is just right for your child's level. Students need to be reading 30 to 60 minutes a night, but most importantly students need to read books that aren't too easy or too hard, but rather "just right". Use HomeConnect to see your child's AR book level and then use this site to find books that are just right. When your child quizzes on AR at school, we want to see your children comprehending at least 85% of what they read.  HomeConnect will show you if your child is understanding 85% of what he or she is reading or not.  Remember, perfect practice is the key to reading growth.  
Parents, have your child use this website at home to practice Math Facts in a Flash and to track their personal progress towards important reading goals on Accelerated Reader.   You can use this site to register your email so you are notified each time your child takes an Accelerated Reader Quiz or MFIAF quiz. You'll love knowing how your child is doing with independent reading and speed math.

Renaissance Learning Website Students, this is the page to use at school to take an AR quiz or a Math Facts in a Flash quiz. Make sure you are selecting the right AR quiz that matches the book you read. Try to make Benchmark or beyond on MFIAF. Monitor your progress on HomeConnect. Find a "Just Right" book that matches your AR level by using AR Bookfinder. Have fun getting better at reading and math.