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Horace Mann School
School Site Council (SSC) 

The SSC is made up of parents, staff, and administrators and works collaboratively to review the school plan or single plan for student achievement, establish a new budget, and work to provide counsel on matters of the school to the principal. The SSC meets at least six times a year and membership is on a rotating basis.  Meetings are generally held on Mondays at 3:30pm.  Applications for new members are open in the spring of each year.  Members serve two year terms.


The SSC Membership for 2016-2017:

Dana Findley-Principal

David Foldvary-Assistant Principal

Jill Bakhsh—Title I Coordinator

Elaine Cantella—Title I Teacher (2nd yr)

Sandy Mason-Teacher (2nd yr)

Belinda Maisterra-Teacher (1st yr)

Laura Stark-Teacher (1st yr)

Andrea Pyer--Teacher (1st yr, PTA/SSC Liaison)

Julie Hershkowitz--Parent (2nd yr)

Kimberly Combs-Parent (2nd yr)

Jamie Halimi-Parent (1st yr, PTA President)

Berenice Katcher-Parent (1st yr)

Alejandra Tokoph-Parent (1st yr)

Wolfgang Odenthal-Parent (1st yr)

Sharon Eshaghoff-Parent (1st yr)

Catie Hazany-Parent (1st yr)


Meeting Dates for 2016-2017: Mondays at 3:30pm
August 22nd
September 19th
October 10th
November 7th
January 23rd
February 27th
March 27th
April 24th
The SSC Membership for 2017-2018: 

Dr. Juliet Fine-Principal

David Foldvary-Assistant Principal

Jill Bakhsh—Title I Coordinator

Elaine Cantella- Title I Teacher (1st yr)

Belinda Maisterra-Teacher (2nd yr)

Andrea Pyer--Teacher (2nd yr, PTA/SSC Liaison)- Secretary

Laura Stark-Teacher (2nd yr)

Michelle Stradford-Teacher (1st yr)

Lauren Willis- Teacher (1st yr)

Keren Cohen- Parent (1st yr)

Lee Egerman-Parent (1st yr)

Sharon Eshaghoff-Parent (2nd yr)- Chair

Jamie Halimi-Parent (2nd yr, PTA President)

Catie Hazany-Parent (2nd yr)

Neely Irwin- Parent (1st yr)

Berenice Katcher-Parent (2nd  yr)

Wolfgang Odenthal-Parent (2nd  yr)

Alejandra Tokoph-Parent (2nd yr)

Mamar Vaseghi- Parent (1st yr)* alternate

*Potentially Non-Voting Member


Meeting Dates for 2017-2018: Mondays at 3:30 p.m.
August 28th
September 25th
October 23rd
November 27th
January 22nd
March 5th
April 23rd
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