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Social Studies

The 13 Colonies

Students will read about the founding of the 13 colonies and will compare and contrast the reasoning and experiences of each settlement. With their table groups, students will research a colonial region in depth (New England Colonies, Middle Colonies, and Southern Colonies) and create an informational colonial quilt that they will then present to their classmates.

The American Revolution

Students will begin this unit with a trip to Riley's Farm, an interactive settlement where students get to experience life and the events leading up to the Revolutionary War. In class, students will experience the life of a colonist by being "taxed" for the use of all school property by order of the "Queen." In Language Arts, students will read Jean Fritz's historical fiction book, Can't You Make Them Behave, King George? so that they can discuss the issues surrounding the war in depth. They will also continue our Jean Fritz author study by working in cooperative groups to read about another Revolutionary Hero and write and perform a Reader's Theater play. Finally, students will use their top-notch research skills during library time to find information about a Revolutionary Hero and create a biographical poem and lifelike puppet that represents the importance of the hero to American history.