PTA Programs

2018-19 Programs & Activities

Your membership fees, donations, time and volunteered skills contribute to our school’s more than 35 robust programs and educational events, essential classroom instruction, materials and enrichment activities.  Below is a list of academic and community programs that are planned by our PTA:

2018-19 Academic programs according to availability for each grade level:

*Denotes Programs that are partially funded by BHEF

Category                    Grade










General academic

Accelerated Reader



Bedtime Stories






Graduation Awards


Handwriting Without Tears






Middle School Enrichment Programs







Lunchtime Chess

Student Agendas




Teacher & School supplies

Transportation for field trips

Art, Culture & Character Development

Art at the Wallis



Ballroom Dance


Cardboard Playground

Conflict Management*



Lunchtime Yoga



Sit, Eat, Talk with Special Needs

Math, Science & Technology

iPads, Computers, Software and Training

Math Counts*



Science Enrichment


Science Olympiad*







2018-19 Community Activities


  • Movie Nights
  • Multicultural Week
  • Parent’s Night Out
  • Reflections Art Program
  • Science Fair*
  • K-3 Talent Show
  • Welcome Back Event
  • Year-End Party (Family Prom)


More details about these programs can be found below


2018-19 Programs & Activities

General Academic

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader (similar to LEXIA) is a supplemental language arts program. Accelerated Reader is used in the classroom for students in grades 2 and 3.

Bedtime Stories

A monthly evening event for Grades K-3 (and their well-behaved siblings).  The children come to the library dressed in pajamas and listen to stories from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Children, as well as parents and teachers, are the storytellers. Milk and cookies are served afterward.

Chess Club

Chess Club provides guidance and instruction of chess games for students during their lunchtime period. Chess Club is available to all K-8 students. 

Graduation Awards

Horace Mann PTA provides funds to purchase academic and other awards for our graduating 8th grade students.

Handwriting Without Tears

Handwriting Without Tears is a supplemental language arts program.  Handwriting Without Tears is used in the classroom in  Kindergarten (beginning handwriting) and again in grade 3 (cursive).


LEXIA (similar to Accelerated Reader) is a supplemental

language arts programs. LEXIA is an app that the students access on iPads at school (and/or at home) and is available to students in grades K-3.

Library program

Horace Mann PTA provides discretionary funds for the school’s library program.

Middle School Enrichment Programs

Horace Mann PTA provides discretionary funds for Middle School enrichment programs. Past programs have included, Female Empowerment and Civil War Reenactment. Programs are initiated by a teacher request.


Horace Mann PTA funds a discretionary account for the Spartans program. This program is a student enrichment program designed to get students involved at school. The program is facilitated by a teacher (counselor) and is available to students in grades 6-8.

Student Agendas

Daily planners made available for 3rd – 8th graders, provided for a nominal fee.

Teacher & School supplies

The PTA funds classroom and school supplies

Transportation for field trips

The PTA pays for the school buses that take students on field trips.


The PTA facilitates a class for kids in grades 3-8 to learn how to type in preparation for state-mandated standardized tests, which are given to students in those grades, on computers. Separate classes have been offered for grades 3-5 (elementary), and grades 6-8 (middle school).



Art, Culture & Character Development

Art at the Wallis

Art at the Wallis is a supplemental performing arts program in which the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts provides workshops and performing arts performances for grades K-6.


Assemblies are provided to supplement regular classroom instruction. Assembly content is typically about the Arts (music, dance, performing arts, etc.) and can be themed to certain calendar events. We provide a minimum of two (2) assemblies per school year; Spring and Fall. Assemblies are provided for all students, typically broken into groups of K-5 and 6-8.

Book Fair week

Week-long book fair where students in all grades K-8th grade can purchase their favorite books and discover new authors and subjects of interest. This book fair is totally run by parent volunteers, and is a great way to meet parents and make new friends.

Ballroom Dance

Horace Mann PTA funds “Dancing Classrooms,” a ballroom dance program provided to students in grade 5.

Conflict Management*

Horace Mann PTA funds a discretionary account for the Conflict Management program. This program is a peer-counseling program designed to help resolve simple conflicts between students at school. The program is facilitated by the school counselor and is available to students in grades 4 and 5.

Fun Run

A Horace Mann PTA organized event, students raise funds by participating in a morning of running and other exercise stations. 

Multicultural Week

Horace Mann PTA funded Multi-Cultural Week provides

students with cultural experiences from around the world. Parents provide on-campus activities and experiences to the students in a week-long event. Each day of the week assigned a world region and the cultures therein are represented on their designated day. Multicultural week is a K-8 event.

Music Program

Horace Mann PTA provides discretionary funds for the school’s music program.

Reflections Arts Program

The National PTA Reflections Program is an arts recognition and achievement program for students K-8th grade. The program provides opportunities for students to creatively express themselves and to receive positive recognition for original works of art inspired by a pre-selected theme, while increasing community awareness on the importance of the arts in education.

Sit, Eat, Talk

Horace Mann PTA funds a discretionary account for the Sit, Eat, Talk (or SET) program. This program is a buddy program designed to enhance the school and social experiences of our special needs students. The program is facilitated by a teacher and uses students from grades 6-8 as “buddies”.

Talent Show K-3

Annual talent showcase of Horace Mann students (K-3 grades) singers, musicians and dancers, performing solos and in groups. Students audition and practice to the stage for a phenomenal evening performance.

Warm Up Wednesday

In the lead up to the Fun Run, the Horace Mann PTA will organize some exercise activities in the Wednesday mornings leading up to the Fun Run.

Winter Holiday Show

In the month of December, K-5 students perform holiday songs for their parents.



Maths, Science & Technology

iPads, Computers, Software and Training

The PTA raises funds to purchase high ticket items for the school.

Math Counts*

Horace Mann PTA provides discretionary funds for the school’s Math Club. Math Club is an extracurricular program for students in grades 6-8. The Math Club participates in competitions through an organized league and is facilitated by a teacher. Students compete by solving fun and challenging math problems, in order to expand their academic and professional opportunities.

Science Enrichment

Horace Mann PTA funded Science Enrichment is provided to supplement regular classroom instruction. Service provider provides in-classroom instruction of STEM based activities. Science Enrichment is provided to K-5 students only.

Science Fair

The Science Fair provides an opportunity for all students to have fun with science, and to learn about the principles of logic and scientific deduction. All students are encouraged to create a project from the phenomenon of science that most interests them, any area of science that are either experiments or demonstrations. All grade levels are invited to come to the fair to view the projects. BHEF sponsors the funding for this event, however the logistics and execution of the event are a collaborative effort between all 5 school and their PTAs.

Science Olympiad*

Horace Mann PTA provides funding to help organize and facilitate two extracurricular Science Olympiad teams of 15 kids each in grades 4 through 8. Students compete as teams of two in 3 science related events at single day competitions. Building strong foundations through science helps these children develop important collaboration skills, independent study and form socialization groups that they can thrive in.


STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics.  At this expo, district teachers provide presentations and interactive events for all ages. The BHUSD Robotics team participates and there are presentations that include seismographs, rocket launches, kaleidoscopes and other interactive STEM fun!



2017-18 Community Activities


Back to School Night

Early in the school year, parents are invited to attend their children’s classes to learn about the year’s academic agenda, expectations for students, and sign up for volunteer opportunities.

Chilli Cook-Off

We invite our community to bring their best chilli recipe for a chilli cooking competition. 

Classroom Volunteer

Teachers in lower grades invite parents to volunteer in the classroom, providing great opportunities for parents to be involved and gain insight during classtime.

Halloween Parade

Students parade their Halloween costumes and parents are invited on campus that morning to enjoy some refreshments and spectate.

Holiday Boutique

Craft fair – community and parent vendors are invited to participate.

Movie Nights

Horace Mann PTA organizes and funds a minimum of two family movie nights each year. Movie Night is where Horace Mann families gather for fun entertainment, food, drinks and treats under the stars on campus.

Parent’s Night Out

Fun social gathering of Horace Mann parents for a night out at a neighborhood restaurant or entertainment venue. All entertainment venues donate up to 20% of all proceeds to Horace Mann School.

MySchoolAnywhere (Purple Pages)

Online and pritable, secure school directory with contact information for all Horace Mann students and parents.

Open House

Toward the end of the school year, parents are invited to attend their children’s classes for a special review of the year’s work and see all the progress that students have made throughout the year.

School Site Council SSC

The SSC is made up of parents, staff, and administrators and works collaboratively to review the school plan or single plan for student achievement, establish a new budget, and work to provide counsel on matters of the school to the principal. The SSC meets at least six times a year and membership is on a rotating basis.  Meetings are generally held on Mondays at 3:30pm.  Applications for new members are open in the spring of each year.  Members serve two year terms. Click here for more information.

Teacher Appreciation Week

A nationwide recognition week for teachers. Room parents organize special appreciation activities for each day of the week.

Welcome Back Event

In celebration of the new school year, all Horace Mann families gather for a fun social exchange, free dinner and viewing of class lists.


A memento of the past school year, created by the 8th grade class (as an elective), published with the assistance of PTA parent volunteers.

Year-End Party

A fun party for families and students to celebrate the end of the school year.