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Volunteer Opportunities



Parent volunteerism is a cornerstone of our Horace Mann’s culture and we depend on thousands of hours of parent volunteer time every year! There are many volunteer opportunities for every person and every type of schedule. Our dynamic and dedicated parent body serves the mission at Horace Mann in a variety of ways, including participating on a committee, at events, in the classroom, and on the playground.

Share your unique talents and skills... organizational, catering, communications, technology, finance, social, etc.

Meet other parents, make new friends, and be part of our community!


Want to sign up to volunteer? click the event name below or fill out a General Interest Volunteer Form



STREET GREET  Help with carpool drop off (8:05am-8:30am) &/or pick up (2:40pm - 3:10pm). 

Yearlong. Help with materials preparation before class or with classroom support during your child’s Makerspace class TK-5


PTA Committee

 Join a PTA Committee: Programs, Fundraising, Communication, Hospitality, Community Service, Volunteers, Membership

art studio

Yearlong. Volunteer during your child's art class. TK-5


October. Art program is open to all grade levels and all abilities/special artists; This years theme is :  “LOOK WITHIN”.  Click image for more information or for additional questions please email Kim Becker at

Multicultural Week is a fabulous week-long program that NEEDS YOUR HELP to run smoothly. This is a call for parents to volunteer during the week, make new friends and help make this year's Multicultural Week the best one yet!

Please sign up to ASSIST THE COUNTRY REPRESENTATIVES of each day.

NOTE: If you are already representing a county, please coordinate your availability with your Regional Coordinator."

For more information about committees or for any questions about these or other volunteer opportunities contact us at

Donate - Wish Lists


HM Programs are in need of donations to keep our programs running effectively. 




With nearly 600 K-5 student-artists creating artwork in the HM Art Studio each week, we are in need of a tremendous quantity of supplies!  Please visit our Wish List for specific items that you might contribute.  Every little bit helps!




Donation of materials are always needed for the Makerspace classroom and can be dropped off at the front office. 


    • Shoe boxes (not flattened) 
    • Very large corrugated cardboard boxes (flattened) 
    • Empty rolls from paper towels and bath tissues (all paper removed) 
    • Old pool noodles
Parent / Guardian Volunteer Guidelines