PTA Brand Identity & Logos

The Re-birth of a Brand

At the end of the 2013-2014 school year, members of the incoming PTA board and Communications committee worked diligently to make plans and goals for the next school year. The wish list of things to accomplish, as far as communications was concerned, grew and grew.

First things first though, it was decided that, in conjunction with the upcoming construction project (and new PTA board) the Horace Mann brand itself needed a little sprucing up too. With that, the re-branding project began. What was the Horace Mann brand about and what did it look like? We needed to re-focus our brand using a representative logo, selective colors, consistent fonts, and appropriate image use.

Guided by the expertise of Shirley Ho, a Horace Mann parent and a designer by trade, we chose and refined a new logo, narrowed down our color palette and typeface options. This was only the beginning though as this "new" identity now had to be put into use. Anywhere you saw former Horace Mann branding, it had to be updated. This included the Horace Mann website, e-blasts, flyers, banners, PTA app, etc. That's a lot of work; we are rolling out this new branding as fast as we can.


In order for you to use the new brand elements properly, we have provided you with basic usage guidelines. Please read these guidelines first so that the integrity and consistency of the Horace Mann brand will be maintained.

And, in order to view the "for print" logos properly, you will be required to install certain fonts on your computer. If you need to print the logo and do not own the font Knockout, please email so that we can work with you.

READ ME FIRST!!  - Horace Mann Brand Identity Guidelines



HM logo final print - Only for use in Print

HM logo final web - Only for use on the Web

HM logo final - Vector Artwork

HM logo on dark final - Only for use in Print on a dark background

HM logo on dark final web - Only for use on the Web on a dark background