Lauren Willis » The Wall of "Show, Don't Tell"

The Wall of "Show, Don't Tell"

As 4th Grade Writers, we strive to paint pictures with words using vivid vocabulary, figurative language, and sensory details. When students have achieved a particularly poignant sentence, they are recognized for all eternity (or at least for the duration of the school year) by having their words posted to the Wall of "Show, Don't Tell." So here it is. The grammar isn't perfect, but the messages are real. I hope these excerpts leave you as proud and inspired as they left me.


"Sidney had rattlesnakes in her tummy....[She] was wordless now that she did a really bad thing." 
From "The Very Scary First Day" by Nicole Boudaie

"Wix's face turned as purple as a grape. He heard wave after wave of laughter coming from the audience. When Wix finally managed to open his eyes, the judge looked like someone just dropped five tons of ketchup on him. Wix was stunned." 
From "The Science Fair," by Brandon Bui

"They searched everyday for hours. They searched and searched. They looked all day long but just came home with empty hearts." 
From "Holly's Unforgettable Christmas," by Carolyn Grijalva

"Luxe didn't want anyone else as sad as her so, she went over to make the person feel better. It wasn't just one person though, it was two, hugging each other. She was standing over them because they were sitting down. When they looked up, she knew those faces and they knew hers it was her parents! Everyone smiled big enough to light up the world." 
From "The Time Alone," by Lucy Rosen

"They were happily driving across the road when Carter saw a record that almost popped his eyes. The mammoth Lego White House ever built. When he saw it, Immediately he dropped his jaw like he was having Octuplets." 
From "The World Record Breaker," by Roberto Velarde