Construction at Horace Mann » Charleville Gate Closing

Charleville Gate Closing

November 12, 2015


Parents/Guardians of Horace Mann Students-


As you know, our school is under construction in order to create a state of the art facility for our students.  During this year, we have been able to have all of the construction activity contained behind the wall which has limited the disruption to our current site.  However, in order to keep the construction project on time, we will need to accommodate by making a few changes to our main entrance so that the construction team can complete work that had to be postponed over the summer.


Beginning, Thursday, November 26th, the Charleville Gate (also known to some as the ‘Green Gate’) will be closed and will remain closed until Friday, January 29th.  During this time, the construction wall will be moved which will block the Charleville entrance and will also prevent access to the kindergarten play structure.  Due to the closure of the Charleville entrance, we are asking that parents not enter the playground in the mornings or afternoons to better ensure the children’s safety, to maximize the limited playground space for use by our students, and to ensure that the Hamel Gate and main office entrances remain accessible and not overly congested.  All parents who need to gain access to the campus will need to check in at the front office and obtain a visitor’s badge.


During this time, there will be two areas designated as ‘Parent Waiting Areas’.  One will be outside the auditorium on Hamel, and the other in the courtyard outside the main entrance.  


Where will students enter the building?

Beginning at 7:30am, the Hamel Gate will be open and only students will be allowed to enter into the campus.  Students will continue to have access through the main entrance beginning at 7:15am for before school activities.   Additionally, students who are tardy will still need to utilize the main entrance to receive a tardy slip.


How will students leave to be picked up each afternoon?

Students will be able to exit through the Hamel Gate and parents will be able to remain in the ‘Parent Waiting Area’ outside the auditorium for students.  Those students who currently exit through the main entrance will be able to continue this and parents can wait in the ‘Parent Waiting Area’ in the courtyard.    Playground aides will be in both ‘Parent Waiting Areas’ to assist in the picking up of students.


Why are parents not allowed on the playground anymore?

Due to very limited space on the playground and to ensure student safety, we are asking that all parents/guardians simply drop off students or pick them up.  The fewer adults on the playground in the mornings and afternoons the more area in which students have to play.   We encourage parents to continue to mingle and talk with your adult friends in the designated ‘Parent Waiting Areas’ located outside the auditorium and in the courtyard.



Will the student drop off/pick up areas change?

The areas for loading/unloading students will change slightly during this time.  The areas reserved for placard/handicapped parking will be moved to Charleville Blvd closest to the current “Charleville Gate”.  This will allow for those students to access the main entrance safer and easier.  Additionally, “3 Minute Passenger Loading/Unloading” Zones will be established along Hamel Drive closest to the school.  This zone is to be utilized for active loading/unloading of passengers during the hours of 7am-10am and 1pm and 4pm.   Please know that any cars parked in this zone during the posted hours will be cited/ticketed by parking enforcement.   These changes are to ensure our students’ safe entry into the school.


Will there be other areas for students to use as play space since the kindergarten play structure will be unavailable?

We are currently working to clean out the kindergarten patio so that this space may be utilized during this time.  We are also working to secure additional playground aides to assist in monitoring students.


How can I prepare for this change now?

We realize that this may cause some unease and there will be an adjustment time.  For parents who normally drop off or pick up students on the playground, we encourage you from now until Thanksgiving break to begin waiting in the small gated area where our flag pole is or in the courtyard for students.  This gradual process of limiting your time on the playground will allow your student to get used to the idea of where you will be in the morning and afternoon time. 


What if I have further questions or want more information about construction?

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me here at school at 310-551-5104 or via email at   For more information about construction, please visit our website at and click on the “About Us” and then “Construction”.


Please know, we are working to ensure that your students have the best learning environment possible during our construction project.  Thank you for your understanding of this process and the needed changes due to construction.    As always, follow us @HMHuskies and GO HUSKIES!!




Harvey Oaxaca