Welcome to English Language Development/ELD! Students enrolled in this course are designated as English Learners based on the English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC). In this class, we will set goals and work on improving English Language Arts skills using the California English Language Development Standards, StudySync, STAR Reading, and Accelerated Reader curriculum. We also measure students' progress frequently; the goal is to help students improve their skills and then transition to another elective. The EL program focuses on improving English fluency, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills that will enable students to succeed in their general education courses. Please view the attached syllabus and related course documents on this page for further information about this very important program and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Kind regards,


Phillip Babcock

EL Coordinator/EL Instructor

Beverly Vista School & Horace Mann School 

Beverly Hills Unified School District

  • Renaissance Learning: Use this link only at school to access Star Reading, Star Math, Math Facts in a Flash, Accelerated Reader, and English in a Flash. This link won’t work from home.  https://hosted60.renlearn.com/704963/
  • Renaissance Learning “HomeConnect”: Use this link at home or at school to track reading progress and practice Math Facts in a Flash. Parents are highly encouraged to use this link to register their email address to receive instant notification on reading and math progress when their child takes a quiz. Your child should know their username and password, otherwise contact the teacher. https://hosted60.renlearn.com/704963/HomeConnect/
  • Accelerated Reader “Book Finder”: Use this link to get help finding a “Just Right” book or look up an AR Quiz #. Book Finder will save you time finding the right books and the right AR quizzes. http://www.arbookfind.com/UserType.aspx
  • Library Book Search --- Search the on-line catalog while on campus. Locate AR levels, point values and description of available books at Beverly Vista Library. To find a “Just Right” AR book, students and teachers can do a Study Program search (button on top right hand side, under “simple”).  Then they can select “Accelerated Reader” as the Study Program and put in their minimum and maximum reading levels (a.k.a. “ZPD” range).  Click on search and you have a list of books whose recent cataloging includes the AR levels and are between the searched levels. In the “Interest Level” field, type LG for lower grade interests, MG for middle grade interest, or UG for high school level interests.
  • MackinVia e-Books:  Use this link to read Beverly Vista’s e-books.  These books all have AR quizzes and many are part of the English in a Flash program.  Once you are on the site, enter the BV username and password and the books are yours to enjoy.  Read On!  Login: studentBV Password:  bulldog .  (e-Books work great on iPads!) Students may also us their individual login accounts.  These accounts are available from the library staff.  Using your individual account login gives you access to note-taking features.      http://www.mackin.com/via
  • Lexia Core 5: This program is limited to students who have been identified as being behind by the Title 1 teacher, Ashley Hacker.  Similarly our students learning English may use this program.  This is an outstanding way to learn to decode words and can be done from home. (See the directions in the below attachment.) Your child should know their username and password, otherwise contact the teacher. http://www.lexiacore5.com/?SiteID=2076-7923-9081-1112