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Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Tips


Drop Off 

Some are thrilled with Drop Off. Some are not. How can I help? How can I maximize my experience? Thank you to the lovely mom who drives the white BMW SUV and arrives just after 8:00. She drives up, girls are ready to go, car stops, door is opened, “Have a great day!”; off she goes. The whole experience literally takes 3-5 seconds.

  • Kids have backpacks in lap, ready to go.
  • Goodbyes and kisses are taken care of before the door is opened.
  • Parents stay in the car. -If you arrive before 8:15, you will coast right through. At 8:17-8:22, traffic builds. If you arrive to school after 8:22, you WILL hit traffic.
  • If you drop off at Charleville, DO NOT drive down Hamel to get there.
  • DO NOT block neighbor driveways.
  • Use crosswalks.
  • DO NOT run your child across the street. It is unsafe and you are teaching your child that s/he does not need to follow rules.
  • Treat others with respect: If you get stuck in traffic, try arriving earlier the next day. It is not school staff’s, crossing guard’s, security officer’s, or anyone else’s fault if you are running late. There are many options to prevent getting caught in traffic. We will not tolerate disrespecting any staff or community members, inadvertently modeling and teaching your child unwanted behaviors.


Pick Up

  • We need a uniform procedure that everyone knows and follows. 
  • Students are walked to gates. 
  • Students MUST wait at gates, NOT on playground or at lockers. 
  • Students who walk, must leave campus immediately. 
  • When gates close, students MUST sit at lunch benches in shade and cool breeze and begin working on homework. -We have a playground aide stationed there with a radio. 
  • All of these steps ensure that we know where your children are when you arrive to pick them up. 
  • The bigger plan of drive through pick up is being worked on. That plan works if cars can pull right up to a gate. That is not possible because of the physical layout of both HM gates. We are working on options, but for now, grades TK-3, parents will have to get out of their cars: 4th and 5th grade parents may park down the street and communicate where they are with their child.