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Song is the noblest, the most intimate, the most complete manner of self-expression known to mankind, and in the last analysis self-expression is the great thing for which mankind is ever searching. As the power to express grows, so the higher ideals of life develop and the greatest and most subtle influences which make for culture come to have full sway.

There comes into every life a time when the inner self can no longer be reached by things from without, when the soul craves that which it can supply to itself alone. Song then becomes not only a source of forgetfulness of material things and a solace, but also an inspiration. it repays the possessor for every effort that has been lavished upon it and returns a thousandfold all that it has cost.

In a commercial age like the present we are prone to forget much that really makes life worth living. Anything which develops a love of the beautiful is of incalculable benefit to all. Song is intended to stir us into action and into a condition where we become conscious of the presence of higher, holier things than "are dreamed of in our philosophies." Rightly has the human voice been called "God's own instrument." Entrusted to the care of each human being is this instrument which, as Carlyle pointed out, has within it the power to lead us to the edge of the infinite and to enable us momentarily to gaze beyond.

Oscar Saenger
The Oscar Saenger course in Vocal Training, 1915