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Multicultural Week Thank You!

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I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you all for helping to make this year’s Multicultural Week a raging success. Our Multicultural Week program at Horace Mann aims to give students a well-rounded experience by immersing them in a global celebration of their own cultural heritages alongside those of their peers. Without the incredible support from our parent community this program would simply not be possible.

This week your Horace Mann student met Norse Vikings, danced the German Chicken Dance, went to a Middle East beach party, did Yoga and join the beautiful African and colorful Samba dancers. They visited an Altar de los Muertos, made flowers and wrote heartfelt notes to loved ones who have passed on.

Children elated in trying new savory foods from Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas and enjoyed many special desserts too. They had the opportunity to see and hold real items from many of the 45 countries represented.

Students learned to write their names in Old Norse Runes, made French Gallic Roosters, fresh squeezed orange juice and collected salted sands of the Dead Sea. They did origami, learned to use chopsticks, painted African masks, learned to surf, to hula, made Guatemalan kites and played hockey!

This spectacular world-wide experience was brought to the students of Horace Mann by the PTA and the support of over 170 parents like you. So for making this week so incredibly special, I THANK YOU.

To the children, for your enthusiasm and excitement as you hurried from one station to the next, collecting passport stamps and trying new foods. For dancing with us, and asking fantastic questions about cultures around the world.

To the parents, who came out in overwhelming numbers to share your life stories with the students and with each other. For bringing us your favorite dishes and pastimes; and for your hard work in setting up these wonderful experiences for our children.

To Dr. Fine for supporting this special program and allowing us to take over the campus to bring the students on a wonderful adventure around the world.

To the teachers and faculty who came out to lend a hand, eat, dance and who invited the world into their classrooms to give the students a well-rounded educational experience in world and social studies.

And last, but certainly not least, to the amazing custodial staff for their hard work, organization and patience with us as we moved from one area to the next to create a world stage all day and all week long.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU ALL for making this week so incredibly special.



Jenn Pedersen, PTA VP of Programs


Horace Mann PTA would like to thank the following people for an amazing Multicultural Week!

Thank you to the Horace Mann Administration and Faculty for their support during our fantastic week of celebration. Special thanks to our Custodial Team - Susee Villaseńor, Jack Burnett, Temo Cano, and Juan Sosa.

Event organizer: Jenn Pedersen

Regional Coordinators

Europe: Gabrielle Levy

Middle East: Sharone Pomerantz, Hagar Raab, Azi Vojdani and Jamie Halimi

Asia: Aimee Contraras-Camua

Oceania/Africa: Jenn Pedersen

Americas: Romi Azevedo


Monday - Europe

Denmark - Lauren Bendixen

England - David Skelton, Paul G. Walmsley

France - Audrey Zarka, Celine Bonnan, Clio Bitboul, Lucile Romieu, Gabrielle Heyman, Gabrielle Levy (coordinator), Maud Kagane, Sarah Perez
Italy - Leonilde Callocchia, Gina Nalbandian, Valeria Marianantoni, Alessandro Marianantoni, Eugenia Chernyshov

Hungary - Kimberly Combs

Netherlands - Melissa Rollich, Christiaan Rollich

Norway - Jenn Pedersen

Poland - Magda Mirisch, Lisa Tonley
Russia - Eugenia Chernyshova, Kat Shams, Irina Rozentul, Violetta Kenigsberg, Yelena Pivovarova, Yana Shampansky, Елена Лосева, Olga Mysse, Kimberley Bosso

Spain - Eva Pere

Turkey / Greece - Pinar Toprak

Ukraine - Masha Krakovskaya
General - Rachel Galas, Lucile Romieu, Dmitry Kemell, Stacey Ozur, Romi Azevedo, HaRim Lee, Jill Egerman, Jodie Rose

Viking Re-enactment - Historian - Steven C. Mata, Archaeologist - Rebekah Marshall

Cultural Dancing - Gypsy Folk Ensemble

Sponsors - Bouchon for French Pastries 


Tuesday – Middle East

Iran - Azi Vojdani (coordinator), Jamie Halimi (coordinator),  Baharak Zamanpour, Nadia Eghbalieh, Tali Koohanim, Evelyn Lahiji, Davina Penhaskashi, Neda Azizollahi, Masi & Ali Mohammadshahi, Afi Delijani

Israel - Sharone Pomerantz (coordinator), Hagar Raab (coordinator), Orit Rovira, Liat Shlomof, Keren Cohen, Osi Ettlinger, Shlomit Ezerzer, Sarah Vanek, Meital ben David, Chaya Sara Kessin, Einat Neter, Keren Shapira, Sivan Okanina, Mickey Goldkorn, Chagit Pouravrahim, Shani Cohen, Hila Shprung, Sari Zehavi, Aliza Schnapp, Lilach Shpindler

Palestine - Muna Zughayer

Qatar - Yves and Girstin Bergquist

General - Farrah Zweig, Romi Azevedo, HaRim Lee, Jill Egerman, Gabrielle Levy


Wednesday – Asia

Afghanistan - Hanifa Mohammady

China - Sara Nabati, Yingli Yang & Peng Wu, Aisha Bai, Annie Jeng, Yan Liu, Weimin Zhang

Hong Kong - Shirley Ho, Wendy Cheng

India - Kay Patel

Japan - Sumiha Math, Tomoka Black, Kazuko Mihara, Nanako Sato, Erika Lee, Fumi Yamashita

Pakistan - Hina Sohaib

Philippines - Aimee Contreras-Camua (coordinator), Kathleen Avena Blanco, Jhoana Serrano, Mysie Dela Pena, Chiqui Villaroman

South Korea -  HaRim Lee, Ellie Lee, Sandy & Nathan Kim, Rachal Lee, Vivian Rho, Hye Jin Choi, Danielle Kim, Heather Kang, Una Yi, Seung Hye Jung, Ruth Chung, Jenny Yoo, Ggoch Nae Eum Lee, Peter Lee, Iris Oh

Thailand - Vee Ampartrakarn

Tibet - Micki Jafa-Bodden

General - Clio Bitboul, Andrea Arriaga, Stella Lai, Jason Shepps, Laurie Lande, Romi Azevedo, HaRim Lee, Jill Egerman, Gabrielle Levy


Thursday – Oceania & Africa

Australia – Tim Glover, Li Mei Glover, Martina Ziegenfuss, Misty Johnson

Guam - Tina Richner, Sarah Zuboff

Hawaii - Holden Forrest, Jenn Pedersen (coordinator)

Liberia - Toni Fitzgerald and Brendon Fitzgerald

Nigeria - Funmilayo Odede, Ife Odede, Samson Odede

South Africa - Berenice Katcher, Scott Katcher, Lisa Mintz

West Africa - Aicha Fall

General:  Clio Bitboul, Shakina Campbell, Katie Codney, Iris Strauss, Jenny Yoo, Farrah Zweig, Romi Azevedo, HaRim Lee, Jenn Pedersen, Jill Egerman, Gabrielle Levy, Leo Zweig

Cultural Dancing - African Soul International


Friday - Americas

Argentina - Romina Shans, Marta Szwachowicz, Eleanora Goldberg

Brazil – Romi Azevedo (coordinator), Marcos Azevedo, Maura Gerwitz, Ana Mayorka

Canada - Scott Black, Miriam Jafif

Colombia - Iazir Ortiz, Erick Ramirez

El Salvador - Alfredo Hernandez

Ecuador - Raquel Vivanco (coordinator), Jose R. Vivanco

Guatemala - Tina Wiener, Marla Fuentes, Henry Marroquin

Mexico - Viviana de Santiago (coordinator), Celina Serrano, Marty Cramer, Geraldine Bange-Gil, Veronica Moreno

USA - Katie Codney (coordinator), Jill Egerman, Doreen Little, Fern & Joe Safier, Cordial Denise, Marla Weiss, Peter Gabayan, Ellie Gabayan, Jenn Pedersen, Gabrielle Heyman, Kim Becker, Jeff Thomas, Engineer and Battalion Chief Joe Matsch, BHFD

Venezuela - Ita & Gerad Soto

General:  Martina Ziegenfuss, Romi Azevedo, Clio Bitboul, Lauren Bendixen, Janet Hasson, HaRim Lee, Jill Egerman, Gabrielle Levy

Sponsors - Panamericana Café & Bakery for catering

Cultural Dancing - Brazilian Samba Dancers (Sonaria Curtis and Ana Massette)

Multicultural Night PTA Meeting

Sponsors - Teaazi, Panamericana Café & Bakery and Fogo de Chão for providing a delicious array of refreshments and tasting meals for our families. 

Cultural Dancing - Gypsy Folk Ensemble


Multicultural Week Photography - HaRim Lee, Romi Azevedo, Cynthia Spivak

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