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50 Countries Represented by Families at Week-Long Celebration for TK - 5 Students. Horace Mann’s Annual Multicultural Week, a PTA funded and organized event, united families from October 14th - 18th, to showcase the elementary school’s incredible diversity by immersing students in a unique week-long celebration of world cultures. Kicking off on October 11th with a colorful Parade of Nations, the event’s opening ceremony hosted hundreds of children and parents who marched around the Purple Field to “We Are The World” waving their own handmade flags representing more than 50 countries.

Throughout the entire week students, parents and staff had an opportunity to share their heritage in an open and inclusive experience on the school’s beautifully renovated campus. With the support of more than 250 parent volunteers, each day a different region was represented by lively authentic music, dance performances, delicious traditional food and engaging activities. From Europe (Monday), Oceania & Africa (Tuesday), Asia (Wednesday), Middle East (Thursday) and Americas (Friday), students were greeted every morning by different regional groups dressed in traditional clothing, excited to taste new flavors, listen to music, create handmade crafts and play cultural games. Children were serenaded by a Scottish Bagpiper and Mexican Mariachi Band; experienced a Viking reenactment; danced with Ukrainian, African, Hawaiian Hula, Indian Bollywood, Brazilian Samba and Cumbia Colombian dancers; walked through a 15 feet tall Japanese Torii, played in Korean Samul Nori and Middle Eastern drum circles, sang with 3rd grade mom performer Kandace Lindsey in Spanish and Portuguese, played Euro Cup Football, Copa Americas Goooool, Canadian Hockey, Jaegi, Bầu Cua Cá Cọp and practiced Yoga. Jaws dropped when an Italian Lamborghini drove onto campus and mouths watered from the handmade fresh Italian pizza baked in Pizzeria La Bella Luna’s authentic stone oven.

The school’s library was completely transformed into the first ever, Cultural Museum, with interactive displays full of treasures from 50 countries shared by our Horace Mann families to educate students with facts, history, books, crafts, artifacts, cultural objects and personal stories told by our team of parent docents. Museum object highlights include: 1924 English soccer ball and cleats, Spartan Iron Helmet, Flamenco Guitar, hand-carved African Wooden animals, and handmade Ecuadorian Cuenca dolls. 720 students received individual passports and would get country stamps by visiting the Cultural Museum with their classes and participating in activities throughout the week.

Students came home with their handmade Royal Crowns, Russian Bubliki Necklace, African Beaded Necklaces, Hawaiian Leis, Japanese Calligraphy on Rice Paper, Origami, Cherry Blossom paintings, Mini Sukkahs, Brazilian Carnival Masks and Galapagos Turtles.

The dazzling week ended with 6 cultural dances performed by students in each grade, TK / Kindergarten through 5th grade, organized and choreographed by Horace Mann’s PE team, Coach White and Coach Para.
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