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Warm-Up Wednesday & Fun Run News!

Updated March 2, 2018


Each week, don't forget to check out the Classroom Leaderboard and our awesome Student Incentives to get motivated!


Congratulations to Team Ickes, Team Morrison and Team Carter for winning Middle School Fun Run Relay Competitions Fun Run Day!


Here are the amazing statistics thus far:

  • We have raised $47,400, with 50% of our school population bringing in at least 1 donation!
  • For reaching our $40,000 goal, on Monday, March 5, Mr. Foldvary will be duct taped to a wall by students and Dr. Fine will be covered in silly string by students!
  • When we reach $50,000, all students will get free time at PE!
  • And when we reach $60,000, students will be treated to a school wide breakfast!!
  • We have 56 superstars who have each raised more than $300. Wow!
  • Alyssa Lee in Ms. Maisterra's class is top fundraiser for school with $940.00
  • Team Maisterra, Team Delijani and Team Goldstein have all reached their class fundraising goal and have earned a movie in the auditorium (with popcorn)
  • Stradford's class has 100% registration and has earned a popsicle party
  • TEAM GERMAN, ARTH, LOCATELLI and PEARCE each need less than $500 to reach their fundraising goals and earn the movie in the auditorium!
  • 6th and 7th grade classes are really close to earning student vs. teacher kickball games (only $125 more for 6th grade and $780 for 7th grade).

We still have until Wednesday, March 7 to fundraise. Please continue to share your donation links! Keep fundraising!


All students who have earned a 2018 shirt and haven’t yet received one will receive one shortly as the extra T-Shirts are on backorder.  It has been a tremendous fundraising event, thank you all so much!


What Parents Need to Know About

the Horace Mann Fun Run

Wednesday, February 28th


All K-5 classes will be participating in 40-minute periods of outdoor activities, on the

blacktop. Rotating through a circuit, each station lasting 6 minutes (8 minutes for grades 4 and 5). Middle school classes will be participating in relay races on the purple field. Classroom teachers and homeroom teachers will be out on the field and on the track with their students as they participate in these activities.


General Schedule:

Parents are invited to watch the activities on the blacktop from the landing on the top of the stairs as the students will be running, jumping, kicking and more! If you would like a more front row seat, please volunteer :) Middle school students will be running relays on the field. Parents are invited to watch from the sidelines. However, if you want to be on the field, cheering on your student, please volunteer to help run these activities.

GRADE Circuit Schedule (on the blacktop around office bungalow) PARENTS ARE INVITED

K - 1 9:40 - 10:21

2 - 3 10:23 - 11:04

4 - 5 : 11:06 - 11:45

Relay Races (on the purple field) PARENTS ARE INVITED

8 grade 9:40 - 10:21

7 grade 10:23 - 11:04

6 grade 11:06 - 11:45


What should students wear?

Students should wear comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes, similar to what they would wear when they have PE.  Students who have earned $50 or more will receive FUN RUN shirts in their classrooms either Tuesday or Wednesday, to wear for this event.  All students, including those that are receiving FUN RUN SHIRTS, are encouraged to wear the following CLASS COLORS for the event to show grade level spirit. If your child has pants, shirts, shoes, socks, hair ties or other clothing items in their class colors, have them wear them on the day of the FUN RUN

Kinder: PURPLE                3 rd : GREEN                        6 th : WHITE

1 st : RED                             4 th : ORANGE                    7 th : SILVER/GREY

2 nd : YELLOW                     5 th : BLUE                           8 th : BLACK

FUN RUN DONATIONS CAN BE MADE THROUGH MARCH 7th! Keep sending out emails to family and friends


Horace Mann Fun Run Rewards! 

Help your kids earn these fantastic STUDENT INCENTIVES by registering, donating and continuing to share their fundraising links with your friends and families! Register and share links at the Get Movin Crew website.

Schoolwide Incentives:

Our next milestone:

$40,000:  Duct tape Mr. Foldvary to a wall!  Cover Dr. Fine with Silly String!!  20 students who have donations of $50 or more will be randomly chosen to participate in this recess/ nutrition activity!

$50,000: ALL HM students will receive 1 free period during regularly scheduled PE class (Thank you, Coach White and Coach Franks!)

$60,000: ALL HM students will be treated to a schoolwide breakfast on a warm-up Wednesday!

Individual Incentives:

$50:    Fun Run T-shirt

$100:  Squishy Toy or Cell Phone Ring

$150:  Magic Cube

$200:  Sequined color changing pillow or R/C Flying Toy

$300: FUN RUN SUPERSTAR: Invitation to special BBQ and entered into raffle for deluxe prizes

TOP FUNDRAISER: Principal for the Day AND 2 tickets to Universal Studios

Classroom Incentives:

TOP FUNDRAISING CLASS (raises the highest amount and achieves classroom goal of $150 per student): WINS A PIZZA PARTY AND THE 2017-18 FUN RUN TROPHY

It's FUN for students to be active for their school! These incentives make it even more FUN! Let’s do it together as a community!

Act Now! There’s still time to Register, Donate & Share Links!


Simply register or login at www.thegetmovincrew.com  Thanks for your continued support!

2/13 The good news is that we have raised nearly $25,000 and that a little over 60% of our students have registered, which is fabulous.   We now need to focus our efforts on bringing in some donations.  We encourage you to post the FUN RUN link on Facebook.   Those who have, have had really great success with getting donations

2/9 $20,000 is going to happen before the end of the day on Friday - guaranteed!   This means on Tuesday, February 13, all staff members will be celebrating this milestone goal by wearing a wig or coming in with crazy hair.  

Give a big Husky pat on the back to all the students who have participated up to this point.  For all the rest, jump on board with our winning team!!!   

2/7 We celebrated this first milestone, with Dr. Fine riding a scooter around the campus for the day.  Thank you Dr. Fine!


Any grade level (6th, 7th or 8th) that reaches $3,000 will have a chance to play in a student vs. teacher kickball game at lunch (students who have at least 1 donation will be on the team).

Any grade level (6th, 7th or 8th) that reaches $5,000 will get to have a dunk tank at school and have the chance to submerge their MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHERS!!  For each $50 a student raises, he or she will receive 1 ball, up to a maximum of 3 balls

TOP DOG AWARD:  New this year!

The Top Dog Award goes to the K-5 classroom and the middle school classroom that is in the lead for fundraising on a specific day.   That class receives the Top Dog Husky to keep in their classroom until another class takes over the lead.  

2/13    K-5 Top Dog Class:   Team Maisterra, followed closely by Team Delijani

6-8 Top Dog Class:   Team Park, followed by Team Ickes

2/9 Team Maisterra for K-5 and Team Park for middle school.  Team Maisterra and Team Delijani  POPSICLE PARTY for 100% registration!!!

2/7 Team Maisterra has run away with the lead, and as of this morning, her class has raised $1900.  Her class keeps Top Dog status for the day, but there are several other classes that are trailing close behind and with a little nudge, could overtake Team Maisterra before the weekend.

And hooray for Team Park!  Team Park continues to be in the lead for middle school...but don't get too confident because we are seeing A LOT of middle school students registering and starting to bring in donations.  Thank you middle school teachers for talking this up....we have already doubled our middle school participation over 2017.

2/6: Team Park is in the lead for the entire school, having raised $1050 to date.  Congratulations to Team Maisterra!  They have raised $1040 and are the K-5 Top Dogs for the day, followed very closely by Team Delijani ($1030) and Team German ($1015).

2/1:  K-5  Mrs. German and Mrs. Varela Tied    Middle School:  Mrs. Park (Grade 7)

2/1:  K-5 Ms. Arth                                             Middle School:  Mrs. Park (grade 7).


When a student raises $300 or more, they automatically become a fundraising superstar.  This qualifies the student for a barbeque with the principal and enters them into a raffle for great prizes (including Echo Dot, Echo, AMC movie tickets, tickets to the Aquarium of the Pacific, tickets to the Natural History Museum, and more)

Congratulations to:

Kody Washington (Fuhrer)

Diya Tuli (Kreshek/Varela)

Jackson Deverell (Lee)

Renee Kenigsberg (GOLDSTEIN)

Aya Zughayer (Woodring)

Shepard Maddox (Castrapel)

Sloan Maddox (Arth) 

Madeleine Marks (Fuhrer),

Alex Arakelian (Delijani),

Olivia Kim (German) 

Brooklyn Lane (Varela)

Ava Plaxen (Maisterra)

Liam Cox (Park)

Alyssa Lee (Maisterra)

Nadya Kurochkina (Delijani)

Irene Oh and Luciana Valdez (Pearce)


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