Science Lab

Welcome to the science lab!  Each week, students will participate in interactive science labs that go hand in hand with what they are learning in class based on the Next Generation Science Standards.  Students will get a deep understanding that science is learning about the natural world through asking questions, observations, experiments, and patience.  
First Grade Units of Study:  Space Systems - The Sun, Moon and Stars; How Animals and Plants Survive; Light and Sound.
Second Grade Units of Study:  Interdependent Relations in Ecosystems (Plants/Animals); Structure and Properties of Matter; Earth's Systems: Processes that Shape the Earth.
Third Grade Units of Study:  Inheritance and Variation of Traits; Interdependent Relations in Ecosystems; Weather and Climate; Forces and Interactions.
Fourth Grade Units of Study:  Molecules to Organisms; Earth Systems/Changes; Energy; Waves and Information.
Fifth Grade Units of Study:  Structure and Properties of Matter; Space Systems:  Stars and the Solar System; Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems; and  Earth Systems (water)
Ms. Pomerantz
Science Lab Teacher
Beakers in a science lab