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Husky Values

Our mission at Horace Mann School is to empower students to become independent, self-motivated learners who function productively in society and who are prepared to continue on into higher education.


Horace Mann School’s vision is for teachers, administrators, school staff and parents to work together with students to accomplish the school’s mission by

  • creating and delivering a high-level, enriched, standards-based educational program;
  • establishing an inspiring, safe, nurturing environment in which students feel intellectually, physically, and emotionally safe;
  • providing opportunities for children to progress and gain competency in all areas of learning: intellectual, physical, emotional and social;
  • modeling positive character traits, including respect, responsibility, integrity, caring, and citizenship;
  • helping students to develop positive self-concepts and self-images; and
  • helping to create opportunities for community involvement and interaction


Horace Mann School’s goals are:

  • To provide appropriate, efficient and successful intervention for students scoring at a basic level in any strand of English-language arts or math so that they can become proficient.
  • To provide appropriately differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all students by increasing teachers’ knowledge and utilization of a variety of strategies and structures.
  • To increase and promote citizenship and work habits among students, working to build a student culture of respect, responsibility, kindness, tolerance, and school pride. 
  • To develop 21st Century Learners who are ready for college/career opportunities.