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Our K-5 fine art program is designed to foster confidence and develop artistic expression through a high level of engagement, positive reinforcement, and peer learning.  In their weekly art workshops, student-artists will experiment with a variety of fine art materials and tools, while working with specific visual art techniques. They will view and discuss works by both historical and contemporary artists, inclusive of men and women from all over the world. They will gain an extensive art vocabulary as they come to understand the importance of both “process” and “product”. Units will be standards-based, creating a scaffolded pathway of artistic growth and learning from TK through to fifth grade. Student-artists will benefit from the rigor of instruction while each being allowed the space to find his or her own artistic voice.  They will be encouraged to take risks and have fun!



Calling all Horace Mann "Art Angels"! Parents and family members are invited to sign up to volunteer during your child's weekly art class. Not only will you have an opportunity to shower the student-artists with praise for their amazing artwork, but you will also be able to help keep grade-level materials prepped and the Art Studio in ship-shape condition. 


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Wish List 


With more than 700 K-5 student-artists creating artwork in the HM Art Studio each week, we are in need of a tremendous quantity of supplies!  Please visit our Wish List for specific items that you might contribute.  Every little bit helps :)