Middle and High School Science and Engineering Fair a Huge Success

The BHUSD Middle and High School Science and Engineering Fair is growing by leaps and bounds!

"Last year we had only 13 middle & high school students participate, while this year there were 100!" said Beverly Vista teacher Nathan Kruger, one of the event organizers, "By separating the middle/high school fair from the K-5 fair we were able to focus on recruiting older students. Competing in these events not only gives the students a unique opportunity to refine their scientific thinking and public speaking skills, it also builds BHUSD’s reputation as a leader in STEM education. Our goal is to make BHUSD the #1 STEM district in the State!"
Science fair projects integrate a host of skills, usually taught separately, into one activity: reading, writing, teamwork, scientific methodology, critical thinking, statistics, public speaking and more.  Teachers note that when a student completes a science fair project year after year, the process yields mature, self-confident, skilled and competitive young leaders who have career goals and the drive to attain them.
The Beverly Hills Science Fair recruited distinguished leaders in the science and engineering community to judge each project.
"It's such a rare opportunity for students to interact and refine their scientific thinking with such accomplished professionals. Such interactions can ultimately lead to mentorship, academic and career opportunities," says Kruger.

Congratulations to our Science and Engineering Fair winners!


Overall 1st:
Sienna Wolfe (BV, 8th grade) Noah Pals (BHHS, 9th grade)
"Reducing Overdose Deaths from Prescription Medications: Does Analyzing Brainwave Activity in Response to Smell Demonstrate New Treatment Possibilities for Pain and Anxiety?"

Overall 2nd:
Y-Thien Lam, Julie Wang, Connie (Yutzu) Chang
(BHHS, 10th grade)
"Biodegradable Plastic"

Overall 3rd:
Gagan Mannur (BHHS, 11th grade)
"Organic Plant Cell Material Used for Regenerative Human Cells"


Overall 1st:
Anna Polin (BV, 8th grade)
"My Brain Can Smell: Making a formula with Different Smells to Help Students with Autism"

Overall 2nd:
Leia Gluckman (BV, 8th grade)
"Powder Power - formulating an all-purpose cleanser, sunscreen and insect repellant for refugee situations"

Overall 3rd:
Colby Gilardian (BV, 6th grade)
"Is Virtual Reality a better way to learn material than ordinary textbooks in schools?"

That's not all... 19 projects total (26 students) are moving on to the LA County Science Fair this spring!  Way to go students!

This event is put on by a dedicated team of parents, teachers and professionals in the community - and funded by the Beverly Hills Education Foundation. It is truly a group effort, and was an amazing success!  

Special thanks to the Science Fair Organizing Team: Nathan Kruger, Dr. Michele Kalt, Jenn Pederson, Nancy Coffey, Tara Leigh, Tina Wiener, Susan Kimura and Maria Sanchez.

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