BHUSD Board of Education Continues to Build Robust Security Plan

The BHUSD Board of Education approved a contract with Nastec International, Inc. to provide full-service security at each of the district’s five schools at a Special Board Meeting held on Tuesday, May 1, 2018.  This 5-week exploratory program will run through the end of the current school year.  The short-term contract will provide the opportunity for the district’s administrators and current security team to work together with Nastec, the City of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills Police Department and the community to continue to build the best safety and security plan possible for BHUSD schools.

Beginning on Monday, May 7th, Nastec will be providing a single armed security agent at each of the district's school sites as well as a supervisor.  BHUSD’s current security guards will remain in place.  The BHPD School Resource Officers currently assigned to BHUSD schools will also remain through the end of the school year. 

Nastec has been in the security industry since 1994 and focuses on providing specialized security services for schools and nonprofit organizations. Nastec currently provides armed security for several Jewish institutions including Valley Beth Shalom Schools in Encino and the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles.  The company has been extensively vetted by the school district.

This trial program is part of BHUSD’s ongoing effort to improve school safety and security from multiple levels of support. The district continues to make physical improvements to each of its five campuses and to expand BHUSD security staff.  In addition, the Board of Education has recently voted to provide a full-time school counselor dedicated to each K-8 school to enhance social-emotional support and programming for students to address and prevent school violence. 

“It is critical to have a comprehensive plan with multiple prevention strategies that begin at the perimeter of our schools and follow our students and staff inside our classrooms, as well as to have the resources and qualified personnel to carry out this plan each day students are in session,” said BHUSD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Michael Bregy.

The Nastec contract will be reevaluated by the Board of Education in early June. The district will also be considering proposals from other physical security providers before deciding on a long-term plan.

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