Homework: Tuesday, September 24, 2019

o Week #7 Reading Log
o Spelling Unit 2: Finish the chart for the list of words we came up with in class:
• 1st: underline the root word
• 2nd: write vc, vvc, or vcc under each of the root words
• 3rd: place that word in the correct column
• Spelling test is Friday, 9/27
o IXL: HH.1-HH.10 should be complete (70% or higher)
o R3-5
o P3-5
o Extra Credit: Memorize Rounding Rap to perform for the class tomorrow
o Topic 3 Test: Friday, 9/27
o IXL: All of A activities (70% or higher) is due by Friday, 9/27
o Finish the crossword search and the matching activity on the back of your Studies Weekly Newspaper
o None

o Late Start @9:30am
o Art @ 9:30 - line up at line 13
o Star of the Week: Yunu, 10/8
o NO SCHOOL: Monday, 9/30 and Tuesday, 10/1