Monday, October 14, 2019

o Week #10 Reading Log: Please mindful of the word and sentence choice you're making; put more effort into your summaries.
o Witches: pp.31: Text Connections: Text to Text: a connection you can make to another book; Text to Media: a connection you can make to a movie/TV show/song; Text to Self: a connection you can make to your own life; Text to World: a connection you can make to the world
o Writing: Opinion writing handout: choose ONE of the topics to write about
o Complete IXL activities for LA II by Friday

o R5-1 and P5-1; try your best since we didn't have time to learn the lesson today
o POSTPONED again (we didn't have enough time today): Topic 4 Test: Tuesday, 10/15

o None

o None

o Multicultural Week: Tuesday: Oceania and Africa
o Tuesday: Maker's Space @ 8:30 - line up at line 13
o Star of the Week: Philip, 10/15
o Return Absence Slips