Thursday, November 7, 2019

o Week #13 Reading Log: Thursday
o OVERDUE: Spelling: Get Unit 3 Test Signed and do Corrections on the back
o Reading: None
o OVERDUE: Opinion Writing: Finish typing your opinion essay into Google Documents

o P7-1
o OVERDUE: Get your 1) Multiplication Test (G) Signed, 2) Get your Topic 4 Test Signed, 3) Get your Topic 5 Test Signed ; and any other makeup tests you got back
o OVERDUE: IXL: Finish all of B by Thursday, 11/7

o None
o Power Source/Load List- Make a list of all the different things in your home that uses a power source (in your red science notes)
o Finish copying the notes for our science lessons we did today (lessons 3, 4, 5, and 6); see attached notes

o Funky Friday: Hats/HM Gear
o Tomorrow: Science at 8:30
o Star of the Week: 11/12: Christian
o Tickets for Miss Kwon's Musical are on sale
o Return Absence Slips
o No School on Monday, 11/11