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Homework is an important part of developing academics through practice and review. It is also an integral part of their work habits. These are factors that will help in the success of a student throughout their time in school and beyond.

All homework assignments will be written in each student's Agenda.
Agendas were handed out at the first day of school. It contains a weekly calendar that shows what homework assignments are assigned each day, upcoming test dates, and other important reminders. Please check your child's Agenda
Students will be keeping what is called an Unfinished Worksheet in their "Class work" folder. This is to keep track of any unfinished school work during the school day. If at the end of the week, students have more than two unfinished work, they will have to make up one or more over the weekend to catch up (In general, I do not assign other regular homework over the weekend). Again, please check your child's Agenda to see if he/she has any unfinished work to make up on Friday.
Thank you.