Welcome to Makerspace with Ms. Kramer in 2019-20!

I’m looking forward to a year of adventures in our new Makerspace! The Makerspace wouldn't be possible without the support of parents sharing their time -- to help prepare materials for students, and to provide support during classes.


If you're interested in helping with materials preparation, please use the links below to choose one or more times!

If you're interested in providing classroom support while students are in the Makerspace, please use the links below. (The times listed at the links are for each grade level. Below the links on this page is a list of which teacher's class goes to the Makerspace on which day, to help you choose your time slot(s). Please Note: TK-K teachers are coordinating classroom volunteers for their grade level at this time.)
To help with your scheduling of classroom support, below is the list of when each teacher's class visits the makerspace, from grades 1-5. Note: If your child is in Ms. Stott's class, please check with Ms. Stott to learn when s/he attends Makerspace.
  • Monday B. Maisterra
  • Tuesday S. Wolff
  • Thursday A. Arebalo
  • Friday C. Fuhrer
  • Monday M. Morganstern
  • Tuesday C. Verstegen
  • Wednesday J. Lee
  • Thursday G. Painter
  • Friday P. Arth
  • Monday R. Pearce
  • Tuesday A. Delijani
  • Wednesday J. Conway
  • Thursday T. MacGregor 
  • Friday G. Radonsky
  • Monday J. Postlewaite
  • Tuesday E. Kwon
  • Wednesday H. Woodring
  • Thursday S. Varela
  • Friday H. Subin
  • Monday M. Stradford
  • Tuesday N. Flores
  • Wednesday K. Milliken
  • Thursday J. Weiss
  • Friday A. Theo


To start getting to know each other and what’s ahead, this page gives you some information about me and about what we’ll be doing this year.

My background in education

  • 19 years (classroom teacher and instructional technology coach) in BHUSD and in Los Angeles
  • BA in English (University of Michigan - Ann Arbor)
  • Masters in Education Technology (UC-Fullerton)
  • National Board-Certified Teacher
  • Alum, Cotsen Foundation for the Art of Teaching Fellowship

What I’ll be teaching

  • Our new makerspace is a place for kids to think, design, create, build, fail, fail again, recover, and soar!
    • Experiences: Design thinking with problem-based projects; computer science; circuits; and so much more!
    • Tools and materials will vary by grade leel: Cardboard, wood, Tinkercad (for 3D printing and laser cutting), Legos, fabric, green screen video, robotics kits, and general stuff!

Beliefs that guide my teaching (and my learning)

  • I’m with Samuel Beckett on failure recovery, and see it as one of the most important skills we can develop::

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  • Failure recovery goes hand-in-hand with another key competency: a growth mindset in which we see ourselves as capable of growing abilities to accomplish great things!
  • An ethic of excellence and a growth mindset transform learning
  • The abilities to collaborate and communicate effectively are essential
  • Teachers and students need to make learning (responsibly) fun

About me

  • Born and raised in Michigan
  • First career: Newspaper reporting (Contributed to coverage that earned our staff a Pulitzer Prize!)
  • Some of my favorite things, besides teaching and learning: Raindrops on roses (jk) ... day hikes, Rollerblading at the beach, reading, making cool and creative projects, making great friends, riding my motorcycle (slashes time from the commute!)

About us
  • There will be an enormous need for parent help with prep of materials (including with the new laser cutter), and sometimes also for parent support during class (for instance, when some grades may work with power tools). :)