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All student, grades TK-5th, will be visiting the Makerspace classroom regularly (TK-K: every other week & 1-5: weekly). Horace Mann’s Makerspace is an environment for exploration and innovation. It’s a creative space in which students design and build physical and digital products -- from storage devices for schoolwork to balloon-powered cars, animated food chains, cardboard roller coasters, LED-lit greeting cards, wood-etched nameplates, air-powered rockets, unsinkable boats, cardboard arcade games, programmable robots, video productions, and other problem-based projects. The projects deepen and extend students' understanding.


More important than the products are the Makerspace processes that build empathy and problem-solving skills as kids think, design, create, fail, fail again, recover, share, and soar! Their Makerspace work also will deepen and extend understanding of big ideas across content areas.


Check back often! This page will be updated with photos and blurbs about what students are working on.

Try. Fail. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  • Failure recovery goes hand-in-hand with a growth mindset in which we see ourselves as capable of growing abilities to accomplish great things
  • An ethic of excellence and a growth mindset transform learning
  • The abilities to collaborate and communicate effectively are essential 

Makerspace Vision: Students will be resilient makers and innovators who use design thinking; the engineering design process; and skills with high tech and manual tools to construct creative solutions to complex challenges. We welcome parent volunteers!

There is an enormous need for ongoing parent help with preparation of materials (including with the new laser cutter), and for parent support during Makerspace class time (for instance, some grades may work with power tools).


Click the section/grade below to sign up to volunteer


Materials Preparation

 8:00am -  9:00am

Materials Preparation

 10:15am -  11:00am

TK / K Classroom Support    9:40am -  10:15am

1st Grade Classroom Support

 1:25pm -  2:00pm 
2nd Grade Classroom Support   12:35pm -  1:10pm 
3rd Grade Classroom Support
  11:00pm -  11:45pm
  8:35am -  9:20pm
  2:15pm - 3:00pm

Please Note:
If your child is in Ms. Stott's class, please check with Ms. Stott to learn when she attends Makerspace.