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Daily homework is assigned Monday through Thursday. The PTA has provided agendas for all of the students (thank you!!!!) and that is the place the students should have all of their assignments written down.

At 1:50 everyday, the students write down their homework in thier agendas, located in the front part of their binder. Homework usually consists of reading comprehension and math and is practice or review of skills taught.

Weekly homework is given each Friday and is due the following Friday. It is given to help kids understand and learn the concept of time management. Additionally, they are given a reading log where the students are expected to read for 15 minutes each night and record it.

In the front of each student's agenda is a homework incentive sticker chart. For each day that a child completes ALL of the assignments for that day, he/she will receive a sticker. When the sticker chart is complete (20 stickers) a Friday to Friday Freebee homework will be given and a new chart will be started.

How can you help?
Look at your child's agenda to make sure that homework is completed. You do not have to check it for accuracy because we correct homework in class. If the homework is already checked it is challenging to get the students to listen. Also, you don't want to blamed for a wrong answer! Your child will blame you :)

Thanks for your support!