Welcome to my Vocal Music website. My name is Judith Chan and this is my 29th year of teaching music.  Before joining the Horace Mann School since the Fall of 2019, I taught at Beverly Vista School for 18 years. Singing and performing in children's chorus at a young age while growing up in Hong Kong has led to my passion in music education as an adult.

My undergraduate study was in Piano Pedagogy. After I received my music teaching credential in Australia, I came back to the states to finish my Master in Music Education with an emphasis in Kodály methodology. I have performed with the California Bach Society and the San Francisco Symphony Chorus in the Bay Area. It is my belief that every child should have access to the highest quality of music education and this opportunity should be offered at school and not by chance. Research has shown that students who are musically literate can often be better learners in other subjects. While performing is an important aspect in music, my focus in the music room will always be about music literacy. 

Please email me at [email protected] if you have any questions. I look forward to another year of music making with your child.



2016 World Strides Music Festival

Concert Choir performed Egyetem, Begyetem by Zoltán Kodály. The choir received the highest scores among 12 high school choirs and won the Outstanding Choral Ensemble Award.

2016 OAKE National Conference Concert

Concert Choir performed Aizu Bandai San, a Japanese folk song arranged by Hiroshi Ishimaru

2016 World Strides Music Festival

Concert Choir performed Sweet Nightingale arranged by Reginald Jacques

2016 World Strides Music Festival

Concert Choir performed Shenandoah arranged by Nancy Grundahl

OAKE National Conference 2016 at Long Beach, California

BV Concert Choir performed Balulalow and This Little Babe from Ceremony of Carols by Benjamin Britten