Dr. Lue-Sang, English Language Development

Hello and welcome to English Language Development, ELD class.  In this class we with students to develop the academic English skills they need for long term academic success.  I use a combination of rigorous academic standards and learning expectations, technology and primary language support to grow and develop students' academic language skills.  
I am so excited to have this position because your students' languages and life experiences enrich my life.  We constantly get new students from all over the world and we get the chance to share experiences about our families, the languages we speak, the food we eat and our homes in another country. 
Because my students' levels of English are different, I am lucky enough to be able to create student centered learning opportunities for my students.  That means that curriculum is created with the specific learning needs in mind.  I typically create lessons that focus on concepts and language necessary to succeed in a grade level.  I then provide extra supports for the more novice students in the class so they can continue to learn at their rate.  Typically, in Beverly Hills students exit the EL program within 3-5 years.  Some students exit after only one year and some need more time.  Whatever your child needs, we are here to support growth and success at your student's rate.